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About Us

Sustainable community Initiative for Empowerment (SCINE) is a community led Non-governmental organization that was established in 2018 and registered as a company limited by guarantee in 2020 to support and enable communities create programs and influence policies in the areas of health, Economic empowerment, education and Governance. The organization promotes, protects and advances communities by building leadership, strengthening communities, capacity building, supporting community led initiatives and movements. By inspiring and engaging communities, SCINE strives to end Social Injustices against citizens and realize a society that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

SCINE aims to promote social-economic transformation by creating platforms and environments for good education, healthy communities, focused leadership, and entrepreneurship. And to achieve this we focus our programs on four thematic areas 1) Health 2) Education 3) Social-economic empowerment and 4) Governance, Accountability, and Leadership (GAL).

There is a lot of scopes that need to be addressed in Uganda especially in slum and rural communities as there many poor people and other marginalized groups who have not been developed and the fruit of development is not reaching them. All the benefits are being taken away by the higher castes and rich which are influential in every field of this area. Statistics shows slum and rural areas are still facing a lot of challenges specifically rotating around poor service delivery that needs to be addressed and more so by community-based participation and interventions. Uganda has a big number of young people who are needy and generally lack the expertise, skills and technical support to spearhead community led interventions purposed to create change. This can be attributed to a number of causal factors related to lack of information and exposure, low education levels, poverty, poor health etc.

Focus Segment (People):    
SCINE Marjory targets Adolescents, youths and Women (AYW) and other weaker sections of the society for example pwd’s among others. Youth and Women empowerment centered activities are key issues to focus on by the organization.