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Organization’s Specific Objectives

The overall and specific organization’s objective is to empower communities to develop best practices through evidence-based and documented meaningful participation in governance/leadership and development processes to promote better service delivery. However, there other objectives as below;

  1. Citizens, who are making a positive contribution to issues in their communities, increasingly see themselves as being both citizens of where they are from, but also as citizens of the world, and global citizens. A global citizen is “someone who is aware of, and understands, the wider world – and their place in it.” They care about issues that affect their communities, but don’t stop there. They care about the linkages and lessons that relate their efforts with those of others in different contexts. They want to share insights and experiences to ensure their collective efforts go beyond their immediate surroundings. For global citizens, caring about issues that affect them is not enough. Their efforts go beyond awareness rising and help achieve positive, tangible change whether in behavior, perceptions, policies, or some combination of all three.
  2. To apply alliance/partnership with other organizations, bodies or individuals whether national or international both government and non-government but having advocacy strategies for the similar cause as laid herein.
  3. To promote accountable leadership
  4. To improve knowledge of the beneficiaries in practical skills and education that can make them entrepreneurs as well as empowering the youth and women who have got little or no chance of formal education with basic technical/vocational skills.